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Attached is the most up to date chairman listing for each 2025 convention.  Also, please mark your calendars for the next meeting.


  Who:  Chairman for each committee or a designated representative

What: 2025 Convention Committee Updates Meeting

When:  Tuesday 7 May 24 starting at 7:00 PM

Where: Sandy Dennis’ home

              10114 Yellowstone Rd

              Cheyenne WY 82009.  1-303-507-9965


Questions/comments can be directed to Sandy.


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Suggested Planting Dates From:
Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds - Rare Seeds

The glorious spring planting season is finally here, and our spring flowers are in full glory.  We are so happy to be getting our hands into the dirt and to be seeing all the things in our gardens sprouting and turning the gardens green.


For most gardeners across America, it is time to start planting!  Here is a handy list, by USDA hardiness zone, of crops that most gardeners can plant directly in April. We share your excitement for getting seeds into the soil, and we are shipping most orders within 24 hours.


In zones 3 and 4, fava beanspeasspinachkalepoppiesonionscorn saladchivesleeks and potatoes can all be planted now, March.


In zones 5 and 6, it is time to plant carrotslettuceturnipsradishessunflowersgreen onionskalemizunacalendulabeetschardbok choydillparsley, and most greens.


In zones 7 and 8, tomatoespeppersokrasunflowersmizunabeetschardradishesturnipsmorning gloriessquashwatermelon (and all other melons), cucumberszinniasbasilcelosiacosmos and most beans can go into the ground now.


In zones 9 and 10, plant lima beanswatermelonokrawinged beansbasilbitter melonsnake beanlemongrasscelosiaMalabar spinach, and black-eyed Susan vine.


(Please note: These general guidelines for April planting apply to 95% of American gardeners, but if you live in a coastal, high mountainous or other microclimate, they may not apply. Many other crops may also be planted in many locations as well.)

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